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Beauty Bakerie Sugar lip scrub and polaroid

Prepping For True Loves Kiss : Beauty Bakerie’s Sugar Lip Scrub

March 1, 2019 No Comments
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We all know the stories, Cinderella at the ball, Ariel puckering up in that little rowing boat.. yet no kiss! And do you know why? They hadn’t prepped with the *Beauty Bakerie’s Sugar Lip Scrub before they left.

Had those princesses have purchased this little miracle pot, their lipstick would’ve looked too good to resist before the date ended at midnight.

And ultimately I guess Cinderella wouldn’t have had to subtly leave a shoe behind for the possibility of date number 2.

What is it?

So it’s just a lip scrub right? Well as it turns out, this is unlike any lip scrub I have ever tried before and I am obsessed. This princess can’t stand the feeling of dried lips and the colder months have really taken their toll.

I was desperate to find a scrub that wasn’t too messy, didn’t crumble everywhere as soon as you opened it and more importantly something that actually worked. Short of using my third wish from the genie, I decided to try Beauty Bakerie for the first time.

Now I’m desperate to try more!

This sugar scrub has the perfect sweet scent (obviously) and moisturising formula, ideal for banishing those pesky dead skin cells. It’s not overly sticky and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or harsh when it’s working it’s magic.

Beauty Bakerie Sugar lip scrub and polaroid

How do you use it?

Much like any other lip scrub, you place a little onto your finger and buff into your lips. Smack em together to really feel like a pro and wipe away.

And voila! Lips completely nourished and ready for your date with a prince. Now all you need is a little lipstick, a little blush and you’re ready to go.

Beauty Bakerie lip scrub and polaroid
Fancy a pin?

Just remember it’s ok to kiss a few frogs first too. We can’t all be so lucky!

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