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The Beauty Calendar Low-Down

November 7, 2017 2 Comments

The Beauty Calendar Low-Down

November 7, 2017 2 Comments

I know it’s a Christmas related post in November, but I have already been hearing Christmas songs playing when I’ve been out and about so I’m not holding back anymore. I’m not the only one who likes to plan ahead so this is a perfect post to start with for the Christmas celebrations. Let’s talk advent calendars! Of course it goes without saying that you are never too old for a good old (not as in expired) chocolate advent calendar. The lead up to Christmas is an exciting time and any excuse for a chocolate in the morning is good enough for me. These days it’s not just the chocolate we can blissfully treat ourselves to in the morning as more and more beauty brands are bringing out advent calendars jam-packed with makeup goodies you just don’t want to miss. Because there are so many making appearances this year, I thought I would give you a low-down of what’s out there already. You’re welcome.

The Beauty Calendar Low-Down

*NYX Professional Makeup Kiss & Tell Advent Calendar
It’s only right to start off with the well-loved brand NYX. This has to be one of the most exciting calendars to hit the stores and I’m very tempted to pick one up for myself. Behind every door hides one of NYX’s popular lip products, which could be a butter gloss, a soft matte lip cream, a liquid lip or some other exciting treat. All of course are in cute minis, perfect for popping into your handbag. The cost of the calendar is £50, so you may argue it’s a little pricey for a calender, but for 24 lip products? Who’s complaining!

*Essie Advent Calendar 24 Days
If lip products aren’t your thing, perhaps nail products are. Moving over to Essie’s advent calendar, this rather beautiful box contains 7 festive nail polishes, 13 mini nail polishes, 1 miniature nail polish remover and 3 exciting surprises. Now doesn’t that sound tempting? Not to mention that 5 of these polish colours are completely exclusive to the advent calendar. So if you are an Essie collector, this may be your next obsession, but before you go crazy and add it to your basket, just remember that this calendar will set you back just under £75.

*House of Fraser Beauty Advent Calendar
Here’s one that won’t break the bank, especially as it’s currently discounted from £25 to £20! This could well be the beauty bargain you have been looking for. The House of Fraser calendar offers plenty of variety with it’s selection of liquid eye-liners, lipsticks, glosses, eye crayons, nail polishes and more. This really is an exciting mix of goodies for you or a loved-one to enjoy. Obviously this particular calendar isn’t going to surprise you with huge brands, but still there are products that will please you for sure.

*Clarins Beauty Advent Calendar
A calendar filled with beauty and skincare products?! Well doesn’t that sound perfect? Clarins have certainly upped the competition with this one, with goodies including a hydra mask, hand cream, a cleanser, mascara and so much more, this practically screams luxury. What’s even better? It also includes a candle and all for the very reasonable price of £54. This is a perfect countdown to a relaxed Christmas. The only downside is that this calendar is to be enjoyed over only 12 days.

The Beauty Calendar Low-Down

*Cowshed Beauty Advent Calendar
It’s not always makeup that tickles everyone’s fancy, which makes this calendar a huge contender. Although a little pricier than previously mentioned products (£90 to be exact), this calendar includes 24 mini treats that will help you pamper your hands, face, body and hair. That doesn’t sound too bad to me. Indulge yourself or treat a friend if you can hold back from opening it yourself.

*Oh K! 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calender
Now River Island seem to be keeping the contents of this calendar a little more quiet. I have had a mooch around for more info on their website, but there’s no product list to be found. Although a few small images can be seen on the cover, I’m guessing there will be a few nail products, eyeshadows, lip balms and some other secret gems inside. A risky buy? Maybe, but isn’t it exciting not knowing what could be behind the door each morning. For £12 there’s 12 days to enjoy, so can you really go that wrong?


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  • Lena Dee November 7, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    OMG nice feed! I really can’t wait to get my hands on Essie’s colors !! 🙂 Very Nice work btw

    • holly November 8, 2017 at 7:45 am

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate it x

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