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Ultimate Makeup Annoyances That We All Hate

March 23, 2018 No Comments

Ultimate Makeup Annoyances That We All Hate

March 23, 2018 No Comments

Beauty-lovers everywhere have occasionally suffered when it comes to makeup. Be it a smashed eyeshadow pan, smudged lipstick or even a broken eye pencil, we have all seen the annoyances that come with owning makeup. Let’s list them shall we?

Ultimate Makeup Annoyances That We All Hate

Lipstick on your teeth – I mean nothing is quite as frustrating as looking back on a selfie and realising you have been sporting a red tooth for the last hour or so. Thank goodness for those few true friends who will let you know before anyone else realises.

Eyeliner print – If I wanted a stroke of eyeliner in my eye crease I would’ve done it myself.

Cream eyeshadow issues – Leaving the house feeling nothing but glamorous only to later find a cakey collection of shadow in your crease and no where else. Not a good look.

Uneven wings – Do I even need to continue? Eyeliner can be frustrating  at times.

Foundation shades – Sometimes it doesn’t matter where or how many times you swatch that foundation, you go home and try out your latest addition of liquid tangerine. Curse in store lighting!

Dry lipsticks – Don’t get me wrong I love a liquid lipstick but when your trying one out for the first time let’s just hope you can still move your lips by the end of the day.

Cakey complexion – Have you ever left the house looking more flawless than ever and then checked yourself in the car mirror and thought “Bloody hell, how many layers did I apply?!”

Clumpy Mascara – Thankfully mascaras tend to be a lot more high quality these days but I do not miss those moments of looking like I have 4 thick black lashes on each eye.

These annoyances are just to name a few. Any makeup annoyances you want to add? Oh the things we go through..

Ultimate Makeup Annoyances That We All Hate

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